Whether Pilates is for rehabilitating an injury, sports specific or just your favourite form of exercise – this is the space for you.

Why Meta Pilates?

At Meta Pilates we offer more then just a Pilates workout. We offer conscious movement beyond exercise by providing insight into your daily posture habits. Teaching you body awareness that will have you stronger, taller and more confident.

What is Pilates?

You’ve heard about Pilates but aren’t quite sure what it is? Find out how Pilates works and why it could be good for you.

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“I have been working with Monique for over 18 months now and she has revolutionised my back. I started seeing her after having been hospitalised with back spasms (long story but also long history of general bad back and regular chiro) and slowly but surely my alignment has improved, my core grown stronger and my need for chiro dramatically reduced. Can’t recommend Monique highly enough, she is thorough, particular, every session is different and personalised and she is always learning herself too.” Annabel