Meta Pilates Monique Telfer

Meet Monique

My Pilates education began with a matwork course in Sydney in 2002, followed by a Stott Pilates certification in matwork and equipment. Completing the Advanced Diploma in professional Pilates practice in 2009 provided more education opportunities. I am currently studying Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at university. I discovered Dynamic Neuro-musclular Stabilisation (DNS) in 2012 and recently certified as a DNS Exercise Trainer.  During my pilates and DNS journey I have travelled to London, New York and Sydney for training, workshops and industry conferences.

My role at Meta Pilates is to help clients move better. By using education and experience as a basis of the sessions, as well as my own journey of fitness and moving better I provide techniques for spinal stability and breathing. During the session techniques are reviewed to ensure  posture, alignment and strength are the focus. The sessions provide an insight to alignment, activation and improved posture.

“I really look forward to my weekly Pilates session with Meta Pilates (Monique). I love the one-on-one detailed attention and I know how important the stretches and movements are to keep me supple and healthy. I can’t imagine my life without it.” Sigrid, 74.

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