Here is what we offer:

Initial Consult

Your initial consultation is a one-on-one session that includes a basic posture assessment and is designed so that new muscular recruitment patterns are learnt. This is the beginning of a series of movements and exercises that challenge your core strength. You will be personally guided through a mat work and equipment based workout. Best to book by directly contacting us via email or phone,

We recommend you continue your Pilates journey with another one-on-one session before joining a trio, especially if you have injury history or if you currently have any back or neck pain.

Private Sessions

During the session techniques are reviewed to ensure  posture, alignment and strength are the focus. The sessions provide an insight to alignment, activation and improved posture.These sessions are the most detailed, intense and accurate types of sessions that we offer. The session includes learning techniques for spinal stability, breathing, improved posture and they are designed specifically to your needs. They will transform your body and you will achieve optimal strength, balance and fitness.BOOK NOW a>

Trio Sessions

A maximum of three clients will receive a workout personalised to match specific short term and long term goals. These sessions are designed to challenge and improve postural muscles and body awareness. The attention to detail is spread evenly between clients throughout the session. Book online


A maximum of 4 clients work through a strength and cardio based group workout. Aimed at increasing fitness and strength.BOOK NOW

Pilates Matwork

During your matwork class you will integrate the Pilates principles and foundation exercises. This helps create focus and a challenging workout. The class aims to achieve the best possible results for great fitness at an excellent price. You can book your matwork class right now, simply click the BOOK NOW button on our website, review the class timetable and sign up.