The secret behind how the Duchess of Cambridge was able to look so fresh after Royal Baby

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It’s Official! The Duchess of Cambridge Used HypnoBirthing for her Positive Births!

There has been much speculation around whether the Royal couple used HypnoBirthing for the birth of their 3 children, and today the HypnoBirthing Institute has confirmed that ‘yes’ they did!!

Today we are very proud to announce and confirm that the royal couple, Catherine and William did prepare for their births with HypnoBirthing International (The Mongan Method). Every woman deserves a safe, comfortable and satisfying birth for herself and her baby, but keep in mind that you don’t have to be a princess to have a positive birth! Read the full story below.



ARTICLE – “How the Duchess of Cambridge was able to look so fresh after royal baby” The Courier Mail 25 April 2018

[/vc_column_text][image_with_animation image_url=”12147″ alignment=”center” animation=”None” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”50″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row type=”in_container” full_screen_row_position=”middle” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left” overlay_strength=”0.3″ shape_divider_position=”bottom”][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ column_shadow=”none” column_border_radius=”none” width=”1/1″ tablet_text_alignment=”default” phone_text_alignment=”default” column_border_width=”none” column_border_style=”solid”][vc_column_text]CATHERINE, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a hypnobirther who uses techniques including self-hypnosis and visualisation during labour, leaving her ready to appear before the world’s media looking fresh faced and camera ready just seven hours after giving birth.

The Courier-Mailcan reveal the HypnoBirthing International Institute has confirmed that Catherine trained in its techniques and has used them during labour.

It comes as Arthur remains the red-hot favourite for the new royal baby’s name, expected to be revealed by Prince William and Catherine as soon as today.

HypnoBirthing International vice-president Vivian Keeler said the royal couple used the program for their first two births and understands that the techniques would have been used during the birth of their third child.

The Mongan Method is designed to allow the mother to feel connected to her body, her baby and partner.

HypnoBirthing International Australian faculty member Anthea Thomas said the birthing technique would explain Catherine’s relaxed appearance so soon after her son’s birth.

“Once a hypnobirther always a hypnobirther. Once you have learned the techniques you don’t forget them and continue them into subsequent births,” she said.

“I believe that the royal couple had the normal five sessions in a private setting.

“During pregnancy Kate would have learned how to visualise the birth she wanted, she would learn how to breathe the baby down in mother-directed birth and self-hypnosis is practised so the mother knows how to calm herself. When the body is tensed it heightens pain and lengthens the labour.”

Ms Thomas said Prince William would have played an important role in the birth.

“Partners are taught to act as advocates and lead mum in voice and touch. They know the right questions to ask and how to stay calm,” she said.

Congratulations were yesterday pouring in from across the globe with everyone from British Prime Minister Theresa May to US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres sending their best wishes to William and Catherine.

UK bookmakers were still taking bets last night on what the new baby’s name will be, with Arthur the favourite across all major agencies. Albert, James, Philip, Thomas and Edward were also top picks with Catherine and William expected to chose a traditional name that has ties to the royal family.

Commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said it was expected the couple “consulted with the Queen” before choosing the name.

“Arthur is the name I suspect they will choose because of the legendary mythical King Arthur who was linked to the round table,” he said.

“This will be a nod to one of the most famous myths in British history.”

Mr Fitzwilliams said Albert could also be chosen as a tribute to both Queen Victoria’s husband and the Queen’s own father, whose first name was Albert but went by George when he took the throne.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s names were both announced within two days of their births.

When leaving the Lindo Ward yesterday Prince William told reporters “you’ll find out soon enough” when asked about the name.

Holding up three fingers he joke “thrice the worry now”, adding that the couple were “very happy, delighted”.

As the UK celebrated the arrival of the baby prince, London’s landmarks were lit in celebration, with the famous Tower Bridge and the Golden Jubilee Bridge turned blue. The BT Tower projected the words “it’s a boy” across the top of the tower, and the London Eye was illuminated in the colours of the Union Jack.

Wearing a red Jenny Packham dress, the Duchess yesterday channelled the outfit Princess Diana wore when she stood on the same steps in 1984 to introduce Prince Harry to the world. Prince William and Catherine appeared relaxed as they showed off their sleeping son to the world’s media and hundreds of adoring fans.

The new baby is fifth in line to the throne, knocking Prince Harry down to sixth spot. But Princess Charlotte will not lose her spot as fourth in line due to the baby’s gender as the Royal Succession Act was changed in 2013.

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Find out about HypnoBirthing, and how you can birth like a princess! Click here


I Did It!

I had two c-sections with my first two babies and then decided with baby number 3, I wanted to have a vaginal birth after two csections (vbac). The medical world says DON’T DO IT!!! Every doctor I talked to about having a VBAC said that the risks of a uterine rupture was not worth the benefit. After meeting my midwife and hearing how VBACs were not as dangerous as the medical world said; my midwife encouraged me to hire a Hypnobirthing instructor and take the course so that I could prepare myself for the biggest event of my life. I am SO GLAD I DID!! Not only did this course teach me about labor, and what my body was doing during it, but it taught me that I really could do this! I really could have a natural delivery and I had to begin visualizing it and preparing my mind for this day! It opened my eyes to what fear and anxiety can do to me and what it could do to my labor! Well- on July 9, 2014 I heard the voice of angels…I heard my baby boy cry after I had reached down and pulled him out myself. By the grace of God and by amazing training….I DID IT!!!! I know, without a shadow of a doubt, had I not taken this training I would have given up and gone to the hospital and asked for either an epidural or another csection! I know the intensity of the surges would have scared me, but instead they empowered me to keep focusing on my baby coming to me. It was an amazing day and I’m soooo grateful for what I learned from hypnobirthing!!!!

A Peaceful and Empowering Birth

On the morning of my 30th birthday, I woke up and I felt a little different. Rigel and I decided to go out for lunch and do a few errands on the way. While Rigel was in the store at our first stop, I noticed some very distinct tightening on my belly. I was 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant, so I had been hoping for this for several weeks, but it didn’t seem real at first. I watched the clock and the tightening was happening every 6-7 min.

We canceled our lunch plans, but decided stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things – after all most labors last a while, so I thought we had time. As we walked into the store I realized that the surges were more intense and I didn’t think the grocery store was a good idea anymore.

We arrived home and called our doula, Megan. On her recommendation, we laid down in bed and started to listen to our relaxation track. Not far into it, I had to get up. I felt wet between my legs, restless, and all I wanted to do was sit on the toilet. So that’s where I sat. Rigel asked several questions, called Megan again, and was trying to figure out what to do- go to the hospital or labor at home longer? I’m usually very on top of things, but at that point I felt as though I was transported to another place altogether and I wasn’t any help with the decision-making. I wasn’t in my bathroom, I wasn’t in the hospital, I was in Labor. It felt like another place, another state of being.

This is where the real world gets fuzzy for me. Rigel got us to the hospital, brought the bags, checked in, and got us to the right birthing room. I remember feeling a little put out that they didn’t offer me a wheel chair when we checked in. I would have declined, but I wanted the option at least.

In the hospital room, I immediately went to the toilet again. It just seemed like the place to be. Rigel and Megan got warm washcloths and my water bottle for me. I felt safe and calm as each surge came and went. I had to move to the bed while the nurses monitored William’s heartbeat for a bit and hooked up my IV for group B strep meds (a pretty routine thing). It was kind of irritating, but not a big deal. I was still in that transformative state of Labor where I wasn’t paying much attention to the people around me. I wanted to get back to the toilet. Or better yet, into the birthing tub that they were filling.

As I lowered into the warm water of the birthing tub, I felt my whole body relax. This was the perfect place to be. Rigel was holding my hand and Megan was putting lavender-scented cool washcloths on my forehead. I was relaxed and breathing into each surge. It felt like a spa treatment. People waiting on me while I sat back and relaxed, letting my body do the work.

At some point I felt the urge to push and started breathing and nudging my baby down and out. Someone asked if I wanted to touch the head while he was crowning. My thought was, “No. Gross. Just let me do my thing.” As the shoulders were emerging, there was a slight hitch, so the nurses lifted my legs to change position and then William was out.

The first surge (contraction) that I felt was at 1:30pm. William was born less that 6 hours later at 7:15pm. He was 9lbs, 4 oz and perfectly healthy. I was a little dizzy and had one small tear, but didn’t need stitches.

I felt no pain during the entire experience. I had no pain meds. I didn’t even think to ask for meds because I didn’t ever think about pain. I felt lots of pressure and a brief burning sensation (I imagine that was the tear) but no real pain. I attribute this to my supportive husband, expert doula, the amazing way the human body is put together, and to the practice of Hypnobirthing that we used to prepare.

The experience was peaceful, empowering, and exhilarating. I want to do it again.

Katie Bloome

Because of the wonderful birth experience with her first son, Katie is now passionate about all women having that opportunity. She is on the board of Minnesota Families For Midwifery and tells everyone she can about how birth can be empowering and enjoyable. Katie lives in St. Paul, MN and works part time for the YMCA.

Birth of Janek; Gracious Healing!

Two mornings ago Janek woke up at 4:04am. This was exactly the same time my water broke on July 24th, 2013. The serendipitous timing of his early morning hunger caused me to reflect on the miraculous experience surrounding my pregnancy and his birth. I had plenty of time to reflect while he snacked and snuggled and finally the words came to me on how to share this deeply personal and spiritual event. It all started like this-
At 4:04am on July 24th, my water broke, you already knew that, but you didn’t know that I panicked (on the inside) for about 2 minutes while I prayed that contractions surges would soon follow and no interventions would become necessary in hours that awaited. I calmed myself with some happy affirmations and breathing. I woke Jon, and unlike the first time I woke him with a water-breaking situation, he softly said, “Call the midwife, and then come back to bed.” I phoned my midwives’ answering service and went to bathroom while I waited for a return call. Soon enough, Theodorah called back and said, “Congratulations! Any contractions?” I responded with, “Not yet, but I’m going to turn on my relaxation CD and sleep and see what happens.” She said, “Good. Take it easy and call me around 7am or if anything changes”.
So I slept. I slept until I couldn’t sleep anymore. Surges had definitely started and this might be the part where the lady in labor says, “it just was getting too uncomfortable…” but that’s not true. I was too excited to sleep any longer and started getting some things together. We were mostly packed but I needed to add some of Soren’s things to his backpack, my clothing, and snacks, of course!
Jon and I continued to putt around the house, getting breakfast, getting Soren up and ready (which bytheway kept saying, “mommy why don’t you has pants on? Just undies today.” We called the midwives back, called the Weights who were going to take Soren, I called my family and wished them all a Happy Pioneer Day and informed them we would be celebrating this “Utah holiday” by having a baby.
Finally as the hours of morning traffic congestion approached, we decided it best to at least head into the city. Something inside me, despite my hypnobirth mentality of a baby-lead birth, did NOT want to have a baby on the 610 near the Galleria in rush hour. We arrived at Rob and Laura’s and Soren got out to play. We got out to chat. It was not yet 9am and I did not want to get to the hospital too early. I should mention while this sounds like a travel log, I was having contractions surges all along, so it is a labor story too. I should also mention that I had put on pants, just in case you, like Soren, were wondering.  At the Weight’s house it felt really good to walk around and sway my hips while feeling the pressure in my lower back. Jon and Rob chatted and I think at one point Rob asked, “You’re not having a baby in my house, right?” We laughed, I guess, mostly because I had no real way of telling how far along I was or how soon we should head to the hospital, so maybe I would have a baby in their house.
Around 9:30, Jon and I stopped for breakfast and then headed to the hospital. I believe our “official” check-in time is something like 10:20 or so. Of course, there were no labor and delivery rooms available, plus they always suspect that you’re not really in labor (like you peed on yourself or something and can’t tell the difference) so a nurse (an ugly nurse, not by physical appearance but by countenance and attitude) put me in triage and strapped that dang fetal monitor on me and told me not to move. I might as well have been strapped to the bed. Those 20 minutes felt like an hour; my body really wanted to move! It felt so good when we were done with the monitoring and I could get up again. Several times the nurse (the ugly one) came in to ask if she could start my IV line and if I would like to change into a hospital gown. My answer? “No.” (politely but firmly)and I told them that I would have no IV line even prepped into my arm and that I was confident in the case of emergency I trusted their skill and expertise to do it quickly and correctly, but that I would be just fine until said time. The other thing, about the hospital gown? YIKES. I hate, hate, hate those things. So I was prepared with a comfy pj gown of my own and yes I wore that the whole time, even while delivering. But let’s not skip ahead.
Sherry, one of my midwives and arguably my favorite, came by to check on me. I asked her, somewhat hesitantly if this was the part where she had to check my progress. I also hate that part too, call me vaginal exam averse, but mostly I didn’t want to hear that I was 2 or something like that when I wanted to be an 8. Her reply was perfect… Nope! She wanted to wait, and said that when I started to feel tired and wanted to explore options she would check.
Finally a labor and delivery room was ready for me and a new nurse (a beautiful nurse!) came to take us downstairs. I could have ridden in a wheelchair but walking and swaying while reciting my affirmations felt so good. I was so happy that the beautiful nurse didn’t force me into one (thereby becoming an ugly nurse) and let me walk. “Wait, stop! Where is Jon in all this?” you say. I’ll tell you. He is calmly handling a bunch of stuff from some paperwork and random questions, to our bags, phone calls and text messages and his laboring wife. I don’t know all he was thinking and doing, but know that each time I stopped to breath with a surge he was there with counter pressure and calm affirmations. (I have a whole gushy letter I wrote him about his heroic performance as my ‘dudla’, and I’d offer it as reading to interested parties, but it’s a little too personal and a whole lot of yucky, smooshy love stuff, so I don’t think you’re that interested) Back to the story- we got to L&D and started to “hunker down”. I felt like we were going to be there at least a few more hours and that I would have to have that pesky, progress-checking exam a few times. After all, my surges felt smooth and while there was pressure, it rhythmically came and went as easy as my breathing. I knew things needed to pick up and that with hypnobirthing I was going to need to go “deep” into relaxation before we would be greeting our son.
Oh man! Another mandatory 20 minutes of fetal monitoring. Stuck to the bed again. Boo. At least this time I could lie on my side. My lovely left side, the side I spent my whole pregnancy sleeping, the side I practiced my relaxation in, the side I had envision for birthing! I got über comfortable and chatted with Jon while he watched the monitor and advised Ashley (our photographer friend) that she might want to head our way. About 18 minutes down on the 20, and all of a sudden my surges changed. And when I say changed I mean everything about them did a 180º turn. No longer in my back, no longer waving like the tide, and no longer ‘easy like Sunday morning’. I needed to get up, now, I said. I have to move or something! Let me add that I wasn’t in pain, it just felt like my whole body was flexing like Arnold and I couldn’t lie still. My training told me to try different positions, so in came the birthing ball. I sat for maybe a minute, and then looked at the nurse and said, “I think I could get some relief if I went to the bathroom.” She, wide eyed, said she needed to get Sherry immediately and that it was time to push. “How is this possible?” I thought. I was just chilling and ready to say, ‘let’s start a relaxing bath’, and now it’s time to push? No pesky, progress-checking exam? Just push?
Well, in rushed a bunch of people. Couldn’t get Sherry (crappy cell reception in that building), found Titi. Got me back in bed, I found comfort in a slanted “J” position and Titi calmly told me I could push or not, that my body was not quite there, but almost. Found Sherry. Sherry says, “go with your gut and keep breathing”. This was tricky, I was surprised at the power of the NER (natural expulsive reflex) of my own body. Jon got the relaxation track going and I said to myself, “this power cannot be greater than me, it is me.” I talked myself into going with the flow of power (it was not painful, please don’t confuse my surprise with pain) and accepting the pressure. It’s really neat when you stop being scared (I spent two years, terrified to be exactly where I was at that moment) and give in to the reality and majesty of the experience. I was following my own body’s lead to birth and my baby’s desire to be born. I felt so in touch with everything going on inside and truly no pain. I looked to Jon for rejuvenation and calm. 40 minutes later, I held my son in my arms and snuggled to my chest, literally the first person to lay hands on him in this world. It was amazing, in the literal sense, I was amazed that this could happen at all. Here he was, crying and warming himself and I, his mama. I snuggled him and watched as several minutes later, Jon cut his umbilical cord. I nursed him while others rushed in and out doing their jobs and charts and such. Jon and I laughed and cried and embraced and watched our alert newborn son take in his surroundings for the first time.
After about an hour, my midwife couldn’t hold the hospital staff back from their standard procedures of weight and measures, and footprints and such, anymore. I laid back and listened and reflected on what had just happened.
I had just had a completely un-medicated, un-intervened birth; a rarity in the United States. I was once told by an experienced OB/GYN that I would never vaginally birth a baby bigger than 6 ½ lbs. and that a c-section and regular steroids would be scheduled basically from the time I conceived. I had no tearing, no episiotomy and Janek weighed in at 7 lbs. 9 oz. and best of all- a full term (38 weeks to the day) pregnancy. It felt like a clean slate, it was a chance to feel everything nature and God had intended in the creation of the female body and to feel it in a way that didn’t hurt, wasn’t scary, and produced the most glorious result. I could feel the rush of endorphins/love in my head and heart for my new baby and also for Soren as I reflected on how he fought to thrive as a newborn and what a miracle it was that he gained his health and grew after his premature and traumatizing birth (think Pitocin, epidurals, extra pain meds, forceful pushing and tearing, ew).
Another hour later in my recovery room, Janek had his first bath and Soren came to visit, open presents, and poke at his younger brother. I couldn’t imagine feeling better. The nurses kept giving me skeptical looks because I didn’t want ice or ibuprofen. I truly felt fine. Now don’t go thinking that this all adds up to some blissful postpartum euphoria… the exhaustion set in, of course, and these last seven weeks have been typical- late nights, crying from Janek, from Soren, from me, struggles with nursing (although that’s improving), and so forth, but those first hours and even days were a total high. I’m lucky to have had both labors and both experiences and blessed with two sons. Two exhausting, beautiful, messy, confusing, frustrating, wonderful sons.
Janek’s name is Polish, meaning ‘God is gracious’, and that’s exactly how I feel when I remember his birth and when I hold him these days and occasionally even at 4:04 in the morning.

William, born at Sunshine Coast Midwifery


I get emotional recalling the birth of my son. I’m one of the (seemingly) few women who can honestly say that the birthing experience was the most empowering, life-affirming and wonderful time of my life. My sister introduced me to HypnoBirthing and encouraged me to investigate it further and attend classes in my area. I was a little skeptical at first, but after doing more research into the effects of medical intervention (particularly the drugs used in induction and pain relief) on both mother and child, I was convinced I had to learn more.

My husband and I attended Joymamma HypnoBirthing classes for five weeks where we met other like-minded couples and learned the techniques and preparations needed to have exactly the kind of birth we were hoping for.

I had a long pre-labour but was able to get through the contractions by relaxing and breathing through them, just as we learned in the classes. As labour intensified, it was suggested that I push through contractions which seemed to stall the progress as a result of exhaustion. At that point my husband and rock of a birthing partner, became my strongest advocate and suggested I continue listening to the Relaxation CD and return to the breathing techniques rather than pushing. Immediately after following his advice, I became so relaxed that I fell asleep between surges!

The midwives thought labour had stopped, when in fact I could feel my son crowning and, amazingly, I lifted him out of the water just 30 minutes later. He is a very calm, contented baby – something I attribute to his calm arrival into this world. Thank you, Carrie for demonstrating the principles to us in such an inviting and engaging way.

I can’t recommend Joymamma HypnoBirthing highly enough and look forward to a refresher course for baby #2!


Alice, born January 17, 2014

My husband Chris and I were due our second baby on January 11th 2014. We already had a little boy back in March 2010 and unfortunately had a terrible birth experience with induction, epidural, episiotomy and forceps. We were really put off having another baby for a long time as both myself and our baby were affected from this. When we got pregnant this time, I had heard about HypnoBirthing and wanted to be as well prepared as possible for a natural, normal labour. I knew it was possible for this to happen from hearing other birth stories and I was determined this time to make sure I was equipped with as many tools as possible to be able to get through my labour naturally and drug free. I felt HypnoBirthing could be the answer, so myself and my slightly skeptical husband signed up with Carrie at Joymamma to do the 5 week HypnoBirthing course, plus I did antenatal yoga classes.

We were really impressed with Carrie and her knowledge, she was clinical her in description of how HypnoBirthing works physiologically (which won over my husband as she ‘spoke his language’) and was very reassuring in her teachings. The breathing and relaxation was fantastic, plus with the yoga postures building strength and stamina, I really felt my tools for labour were complete and I was so ready to go with no fear, only excitement. I just knew in my head, with the lessons I had learned from Carrie, that this labour would go perfectly and everything would be ok.

Desperation kicked in slightly when our baby did not arrive on her due date (how rude!) and instead 5 days dragged passed with family and friends asking that question every day … any news?? I was dreading having the ‘induction’ conversation with the doctors and maybe having to go down that path again. But I kept faith and on the full moon in January, I started having light surges. They started about 20.45pm and I thought this could be it, but it was very light and I’d been having lots of Braxton Hicks in the days and weeks prior. By the time my hubby Chris got home at 21.30pm I said to him I think it might be starting. He told me to start timing them, and he set about getting everything ready. What a great job he did – candles, very low lighting, beautiful music, aromatherapy oils, filled the bath, and constantly with me and loving me and he was so gentle and supportive. We noticed the surges were quite close – about 3 to 4 minutes apart so at about 22.30pm I got into the bath. Again here he had the room set up beautifully, I felt so relaxed.

By using the breathing techniques Carrie had taught me, I found the surges to be very manageable and they felt like they were over quite quickly. After a slight escalation in intensity, we knew it was time to call my mum over (as our little boy was sleeping) and head to the hospital. Chris had set up the back of the car with pillows and towels. I put on my eye mask and headphones and listened to the HypnoBirthing affirmations on the drive in. I had no knowledge of where we were, I could feel the car moving and had about 3 surges on the way which again I just managed by breathing through and staying calm.

We were shown to a room on arrival and met our midwife who was calm and reassuring. I was continuing to have surges, and we asked for a water birth. I settled on the bed and continued listening to affirmations with my eye mask on and the midwife left us. Chris would push on my lower back during surges which I found to be a wonderful counter pressure and I continued to breathe, breathe, breathe! This went on for about 1 hour, and then I had a very strong surge and the intensity went up, on this surge I felt my waters break. I came out of it and immediately was up on my hands and knees with the urge to push. The midwife said I wasn’t ready to push. Chris asked her to do an examination – it wasn’t required as baby’s head was crowning! She said ‘well I could fill the bath for a water birth, but baby will be here before it’s ready!’.

At this stage it was very intense and I wanted to go to a fearful, stressed place BUT I kept my groans very low and kept on breathing and stayed as calm as I could. There were 3 surges on which I pushed and baby Alice was born. Our midwife said we had a perfect birth and said ‘that shows the power of positive thinking’. She thought I had hours ahead of me and wasn’t in established labour due to how I was breathing and coping with surges. From the time my waters broke on that surge until the baby was born was 14 minutes. The whole labour took about 4-5 hours.

It was amazing to birth like this compared to my first, with absolutely no drugs and no stitches. Both myself and Alice were in excellent, healthy condition, it all felt so normal and wonderful. We had an immediate bond (again something I struggled with on my first which I put down to the labour). If I knew how perfectly a labour could go, like this one, I would do it all again in a flash. My recovery after has been very straight forward, and little Alice is a contented lady.

I thank Carrie so much for all her help and support, and providing us with the means to have the natural, peaceful labour we wanted. Our family is now complete and I have a wonderful birth story to share. I would recommend HypnoBirthing and antenatal yoga to pregnant mum’s and partners, and I would definitely recommend Carrie.


Michelle, Chris, Blake and Alice

Nash, Born at Nambour Hospital, 1 June 2014

Craig and I love our five year old daughter Rylee to pieces and we couldn’t visualise our life without her, she has enhanced and enriched our lives beyond belief, but my birthing experience with her was so traumatic and horrendous, I feared that she may end up an only child. It took me years to feel courageous, physically and mentally strong enough to finally give her a sibling, and this decision to have another child was cemented after extensive research we did into hypnobirthing – something we were a little unsure of and perhaps sceptical of at first, but the research transformed into reality as the birth of our son Nash couldn’t have been more different to Rylee’s; a joyful, positive experience, a complete polar opposite to five years ago….

Let me go back to Rylee’s birth. I was in labour for 46 hours with Rylee, in excruciating pain, took every drug possible for pain relief including pethidine, gas and finally an epidural. Rylee was a vacuum extraction and after her birth was placed in special care for observation as there was concern she may have swallowed meconium. Whilst all this was going on I was rushed to surgery as I was internally haemorrhaging. Not the most positive start to the joys of parenthood!

The next ten months were harrowing, Rylee was a restless sleeper and she would be awake screaming for hours on end…this went on for nearly a year and was physically and emotionally draining.

As the years ensued, we really wanted to have a second child and give Rylee a much loved brother or sister, but I was still fearful. My biological clock was ticking, so it was time to look for alternatives and face my fear. I started researching positive birthing stories and stumbled across ‘hypnobirthing’ – it’s not something that would normally engage me, but the more I researched, the more it did make sense and there were countless encouraging testimonials that really resonated. This was the type of birth I wanted…but could I achieve it??

Through my research I found Joymamma ran courses on the Sunshine Coast and we went along and connected with Carrie. After the first night of the course, we truly felt this was our answer.

I did a lot of things different this time around, guided by the instructions of my Doula Carrie. I finished work four weeks prior to my due date and dedicated many hours to practising the methods, skills and tools Carrie had taught us. In fact I started to feel so confident, two weeks prior to his due date I said to Craig, “I’m ready for this; I’m ready to meet our little man.” I would never have anticipated actually looking forward to labour, but I was, Carrie had equipped me with the skills and mindset to be physically and mentally ready.


So, after all this the day finally arrived – Sunday June 1. I started to get contractions earlier that day, not too intense, around 30 minutes apart. I just used breathing techniques to get through the day and in fact the family came over for the day. I didn’t realise it at the time, I was in actually in labour, but no-one knew…they had dinner and left at 6:30pm. I then cooked dinner and had a shower. By 7:30pm the contractions were intensifying, I moved into the bedroom “to the nest” (as Craig referred to it) to get comfortable and to start my visualisations and to get into the zone.

At 8:30pm after an hour of visualisations, which felt like 15 minutes, I told Craig to call my parents to come and look after Rylee. At 9:00pm we called the hospital and informed them of our progress, and the advice they gave indicated it was time to head off and welcome our son into the world.

By 9:45pm we were in the car and on our way. We arrived in the car park where Carrie met us and proceeded to head up to the birthing suite – it took 20 minutes as I had six intense surges on the way. We finally got there and met our midwife, who had just started her shift at 10:30pm, and 20 minutes later baby Nash was born – a very healthy 8lb 7.5oz.

Total intense labour was 3.5 hours, and I felt calm and mentally strong, using breathing and the skills learnt on the course, coupled with the support of Craig and Carrie; I knew I could do this…I wasn’t scared. The last five minutes was painful and I started to lose my focus and confidence, Craig and Carrie encouraged me, and Nash and I became two instead of one….the 3.5 hours feels like the blink of an eye.

Nash Anthony Atkinson arrived in the world alert and responsive. A beloved son, brother nephew and grandson. We feel so blessed.

I truly believe we owe this positive birthing experience to Carrie and the hypnobirthing theory, it equipped us with the confidence, strength and knowledge to confront fear, deal with pain and embrace the journey.

Thank you Carrie, I cannot speak highly enough of the support you gave both myself and Craig, and I would strongly recommend anyone contemplating having a baby, or is already pregnant to research hypnotherapy and empower yourself to feel more confident and in control of the birthing miracle.

On behalf of Craig, Rylee, baby Nash and myself, you were an integral part of one of life’s most important events, the birth of a child.

George ~Born unexpectedly at home


Firstly I want to say if it wasn’t for Carrie at Joymammma, my birth story would have been very different, even traumatic.In the early hours of August 19, I woke to the sound of a pop. My waters had released. Being 2 weeks before my due date, I looked to my husband, Tom, excitedly. We were going to meet our little man very shortly!Tom called the hospital to let them know, and they advised us to try and get some sleep and come in in the morning. But my little man had other ideas. I was walking around my bathroom with slight period pain that soon turned into strong surges, they were 3 minutes apart, and I felt like my body was pushing right from the start. While they were painful, it was a pain I knew my body could handle and I was able to focus on the end goal, meeting my little man! I remember when Tom was on the phone to the hospital, I had a surge and made a bit of noise while I was trying to breathe, I heard the midwife ask if I was not coping very well, he replied “no, she’s coping ok I think, but can it happen this quickly?” It was only an hour since my waters released. I’m pretty sure the midwives didn’t believe that I was having consistent contractions.After an hour and a half and a few more phone calls to the hospital, Tom suggested I hop into the bath to help with the pain, and remember my breathing, still thinking the birth was hours away. I hopped in and it was instant relief. I felt so much better and I was able to deal with my surges a little more calmly. Between my surges, my husband was madly dashing around packing our bags (we weren’t quite ready for our stay in hospital!). He was back by my side as soon as a surge started.

I was only in the bath for half an hour when I put my hands between my legs and felt something there, I asked Tom to look, and apparently it was all head! Baby was coming! We both had NO idea that it could or would happen this quickly, we had no idea that I was actually at the second stage of birth already. A quick call to the hospital, and they advised us to call an ambulance. At this stage, I knew my baby was coming now, and all I kept thinking about was a passage Carrie read out during our course “an eight year old can deliver a baby”, so I knew my husband could too. While this whole situation was so unexpected, Tom was absolutely amazing.

I remember looking into his eyes, and he was calm and in control of the situation and I just knew everything would be absolutely fine. I was in my own world and just continued to listen to my body. He followed instructions from the operator, put towels in the bottom of the bath and took my hand. Another surge, and baby was crowning, I looked down and I could see him floating in the water, I breathed, knowing that the next surge would be it. One more and it literally felt like he slipped out. Tom gently placed him on my chest, and it was just the three of us for a few precious moments before the ambulance arrived. When I arrived at the hospital, the midwives could not believe that I was the same person they were speaking to only a few hours before.

George was such a good baby, and still is. The midwives commented how calm he was. He didn’t cry when they handled him, even when he had his injections, and boy did he love his first bath!

My birth was absolutely amazing and while it was nothing like I’d planned, I wouldn’t change it for anything. We would have been totally lost without the course, the videos and the way Carrie prepared and supported us for the birth. Tom puts his calmness down to the relaxation techniques we learnt and the videos we watched. My whole labour was less than 3 hours, I had no tears or anything and I felt amazing afterwards. I put it down to pregnancy yoga, chiro, being relaxed and focusing on me towards the end of my pregnancy, and of course all of this was learnt in my Hypnobirthing course. If I could give any advice to soon-to-be mums, book into Carrie’s Hypnobirthing course as soon as possible, and once baby is here, trust your motherly instincts. Thank you so much for everything, it really would have been a totally different story if it wasn’t for you.

Much love and thanks to Carrie.

Emma, (Dr) Tom and Baby George xxx

Leon Born into water, Queensland Australia, 25 Jan. 2014

As a male I would like to think that I have everything under control most of the time. At first I was a bit sceptical about the benefits of Hypnobirthing however having completed the course and having seen the outcomes during labour I can’t speak highly enough of the value that this course provides to the prep for the big day.

Hypnobirthing helped me feel ready for the birth of our son and I felt confident that I could support Franzi as much as possible. The course enabled us to have a plan for the birth and we learned to relax and focus on the birth experience we wanted. It was informative and fun and helped me bond with our baby even before birth, too.

When the big day finally came we were both so excited and there was no fear because we had a plan. And everything went according to our plan. I could help Franzi during labour with massages, breathing techniques and helpful prompts and it was so good to know what to do or say! I feel I had a part in Leon’s birth and wasn’t left out of control. I can only recommend Carrie as a teacher, too. We had a great course with her and the result was a great birth experience, completely natural without medication and a very happy baby.

Leon was very alert from birth on, he doesn’t cry much and seems well balanced. To me the Hypnobirthing techniques make absolute perfect sense and I think they should be integrated in all birth preparation courses. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing!





Contributed by:

Carrie Jeff is a Birth Doula and registered Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator, Active Birth Educator, Yoga & Meditation teacher and mother of three. Certified by the HypnoBirthing® Institute, Yoga Australia and Childbirth International. Carrie works closely with women on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia to help them prepare their bodies and minds for the powerful experience of birth through regular HypnoBirthing and pregnancy yoga classes.