Video: Bump and Shrimp

Bump and Shrimp

Teaching Tips and Terminology


  • Have your class lined up at one end of the mat space.


  • Lie down facing your class and pull your heels as close to your bottom as you can with your knees pointing towards the ceiling. Next, tuck your arms tight to your sides with your hands near your face or grab hold of your lapels near your collar bones.


  • Using your feet to push off the mats, raise your hips as far as you can before slowly lowering them again.


  • As your hips touch the mat, rock slightly on to one side.


  • At the same time as you roll, grip the floor with your feet and use them to raise your hips slightly off of the mats and push your bottom backwards.


  • At the same time as you’re pushing your bottom backwards, leave your shoulders where they are and bend at the hips to try and touch your own toes.


  • You should end up looking like an ‘L’.


  • It’s important that as you shrimp, your shoulders stay where they are – You are NOTtrying to shift your whole body up the mats with this movement.


  • Lastly, regain your original position by throwing your shoulders backwards until your back is once more flat on the ground. Redraw your feet to your bottom and complete the exercise on your other side.


  • Repeat the exercise until you cover the length of the mat space.


  • REMEMBER – Shrimps are difficult to master, so maintain patience as your students struggle through learning it the first few times. Remember to also raise your hips as far as your flexibility will allow as this lays good foundational patterns for later more complex movements (Bridges/Bridge and Turns etc.).