MMA - All Levels Program

This section will include largely boxing and kickboxing combinations as the MMA program has a strong emphasis on the striking aspect of MMA due to Infinity already having a strong focus on the BJJ and Grappling side of martial arts. 

Punching - Jab
Punching - Jab to the body
Punching - Fast Jab w/ Corkscrew Jab
Punching - Assassins Jab
Punching - Double Jab
Punching - Cross
Punching - Cross to the Body
Punching - Assassins Cross
Evasive Movements - Slipping the Jab
Evasive Movements - Slipping the Cross
Evasive Movements - Slipping and Countering
Evasive Movements - Bob and Weave
Evasive Movements - Lean Back
Evasive Movements - Crossover Guard
Evasive Movements - Dials
Evasive Movements - Evasion Drill
Blocking - Drill to block the Jab Cross
Blocking - Monkey Drill