Team Training/Adult Grading Procedure

What are Team Training Days?

Team Training Days are a chance for students to have the opportunity to learn from an Instructor from a different Infinity academy. This is an excellent opptunity to learn from someone with a different style of BJJ, training methodology, teaching style, etc. These opportunities give students the ability to learn something new that could fit in their BJJ game or expose them to techniques that may of previously been unfamiliar.

In conjunction with a seminar presented by a Infinity Black Belt Instructor after the seminar has been presented the Academy Head Instuctor will begin the stripe and belt promotion ceremony portion of the Team Training Day. It is at this point where students will be lined up in belt order and the coach will hand out stripes and belts to students deserving of promotion.

Main Goals of Team Training Days

There are two main goals of a team training days:


  • Bringing in a guest Instuctor to provide a different insight into BJJ.
  • Have a second Instructor help verify the promotion process to ensure the standard is kept high.


Instructor Pay 

It is Infinity policy that the visiting Instructor gets paid a $300 flat fee for their time teaching at your academy.


At Infinity Martial Arts we follow the IBJJF’s system as they are the international  standard in terms of belt promotion.

There are 4 Coloured Belts before Black Belt, on each of these belts students recieve stripes or degrees. A Student earns 4 stripes on each of these belt before prgressing to their next coloured rank. Please note that while there is no limit to how many stripes may be awarded at any given time, spacing them out over the course of the students time on