Australia Day Parties: Why You Should Hire a Party Fridge

With Christmas out of the way, the next big event to start planning festivities for is of course Australia Day. However you like to celebrate the next big holiday of the summer, chances are it is going to involve friends, food, fun, and of course, some nice drinks, and if you want to be a great host and hold a party to remember, you know you are going to need to keep those refreshing beverages nice and cold! Continue reading

Is Your Beer Cold? Party Fridge Tips for Event Managers

When you are holding a party with plenty of beverages for your guests, or managing a fun company event where drinks are required to keep everybody relaxed and ready to network, you want to make sure that the drinks you are serving or allowing guests to help themselves to are cold, well stocked, and easy to find.

Ideally, you want a large fridge or chiller just for beverages, and, if this isn’t something you have readily available, it can be well worth hiring a party fridge or chiller that you can use for this. This can also save you the hassle of moving or clearing out your usual fridge if the event is at your house! Once you have got a chiller hired that is big enough for the size of your event, it is all about stocking it, refreshing it, and managing it through the party! Here are some tips: Continue reading

Top 3 Ways to Avoiding Food Poisoning Over Christmas

One of the highlights of the Christmas period has to be sitting down with a big group of friends and family to enjoy some special, decadent festive food. Of course, the last thing you want for Christmas this year is the mortification that would come with causing everyone a nasty bout of food poisoning. So perhaps in the run up to Christmas it is a good idea for all of us who are going to be hosts and hostesses on the big day to brush up on our food prep hygiene skills!

Here are three important things you can do to avoid your food doing anything to your guests’ bellies other than filling them! Continue reading