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Hiring frequently?

Centenary Hire offers a commercial credit facility in the form of a trading account to customers who hire on frequent occasions. Here are several benefits of opening a trading account with Centenary Hire.

    • Centenary Hire will extend 30 days credit from the end of month statement date.
    • Operating a trading account negates the need to provide security or a deposit amount on each Hire Contract.
    • Trade account customers may authorise other people to hire equipment on their trading account.
    • If equipment is required that Centenary Hire does not stock, we will source it for you and make it available through your Centenary Hire account.
    • You are given the option of making your account payment via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Download a Commercial Credit Application from the link below, collect a copy in store or you can request that one is emailed or posted to you.  Most applications are processed within 3 – 5 work days.

Hiring for the first time?

As we will be creating a Hire Contract with you, we require some personal or business details. This can be done in person at our Hire Desk or you can use one of the forms below to send them through prior to your hire.

If you send these to us in advance, we can have you entered as a customer and ready to go or have your business entered as a customer so that an employee can hire through your business name.

Other Questions?

Want to know what’s required around payment, security & deposits?
What about if the equipment breaks down while you’re using it or if you cannot transport the equipment that you want?
Check out our FAQ page, there’s a good chance that you’ll find an answer there.