Pest Control

No one likes to see cockroaches, ants or spiders in or around their home. A full treatment consists of chemically treating both inside and outside your home. This includes inside the roof void, garage, sheds, BBQ area, outdoor furniture, gardens, letterbox, dog kennel / bed also cubby house and play areas.

cockroaches pest control services


Cockroaches eat virtually anything, they are very effective scavengers. They hide during the day and become active soon after darkness when they emerge to seek food.

Occupants of infested premises are often unaware of the extent of cockroach activity that commences after dark.

Cockroaches are considered pests because of food contamination, allergic reactions, bites and disease transmission.

ant pest control services


Ants are very common intruders in and around buildings. As well as a general nuisance, ants may present a health risk.

spider pest control services


The life cycle of most web-spinning spiders is less than 12 months, but some ground dwelling spiders develop more slowly and appear to have a life cycle of many years.

silverfish pest control services


This pest can be found in areas such as bookcases, storage rooms, roof voids, paper, fabrics and other materials. Usually found in the dark and undisturbed places, but may range fairly widely throughout a dwelling.

pest services for fleas


Fleas can cause severe irritation and disease transmission and they prefer warm humid conditions. Adult fleas are bloodsuckers, may live 100-500 days and can endure long periods without food.

mice pest control services


Rats and mice are responsible for enormous losses of food, either by directly eating the foods or by rendering them inedible through contamination. The role rats and mice play in the transmission of disease is very important.

Rats can cause serious damage to buildings chewing (doors, skirting boards, cables and wires)

Our FULL 12 Month Service Warranty

Our FULL 12 Month Service Warranty

All treatments come with a 12 month service warranty. This means that if a pest becomes a problem for you again within 12 months from your initial treatment, we will retreat the problem area free of charge. The technician goes through the service warranty at the time of treatment.

Rest assured that any treatments placed in your home are:

  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly & odourless – we only use the best low toxicity products on the market

Environmentally friendly pest control

No preparation is needed prior to our technician arriving, alleviating the need to empty cupboards. Leaving “no messy cleanup” avoiding interruption to busy lifestyles

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