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The world’s largest army…


America will forever be safe from foreign invasion thanks to it's home-grown firepower. Whereas in Australia, the individual ‘skill at arms’ was killed, with the final nail being driven into the coffin lid in 1996.

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The Folly of Gun Registration – Part 1

The Folly of Gun Registration

Derek Bernard wrote what follows after considering the huge costs and inconveniences of gun-registration systems when used as a form of gun control, as well as the total absence of any corresponding evidence of social benefits resulting from the systems – for example, in reducing gun crime, improving crime resolution, or identifying and convicting criminals.

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Canada to pass Common Sense Firearms Licencing Act

Zimmer supports passing of Common Sense Firearms Licencing Act in House Described as a Bill that will enhance safe and sensible firearms policies, the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act is set to become law in Canada. Energetic City reports that the Bill will see safety training for potential first-time firearm owners, a streamlined licensing system and the removal of the requirement ...

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Canada: Firearm homicides down by 25%

Statistics Canada have released figures for the first full year after the abolition of the longarms registry.  Quite predictably, the murder rate has dropped by 8% and the rate of firearm homicide has decreased by 25%. Nevertheless, the Canadian anti-gun lobby and symapathetic politicians are still pushing to have the totally useless and financially irresponsible registry reinstated.  This is further ...

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