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Firearm Registration Fails

What they say about Gun Registries….

Firearm registration systems are commonly introduced more for political reasons than for practical purpose and it seems inevitable that they are doomed to fail. Here are a few observations on the worth of firearm registration systems. We have been unable to find a researched quote in favour.

“It seems just to be an elaborate system of arithmetic with no tangible aim. Probably, and with the best of intentions, it may have been thought, that if it were known what firearms each individual in Victoria (Canada) owned, some form of control may be exercised, and those who were guilty of criminal misuse could be readily identified. This is a fallacy, and has been proven to be the case.” Research Branch of the Canadian Library of Parliament P.5.

“There is no evidence to suggest there is any relationship between the registration of firearms and their control.”
NZ Police Support Services Directorate 1982 P.4.

“After considering the huge costs and inconveniences of gun-registration systems when used as a form of gun control, as well as the total absence of any corresponding evidence of social benefits resulting from the systems – for example, in reducing gun crime, improving crime resolution, or identifying and convicting criminals. On the contrary, we have seen how gun registration – in every single country studied – consistently generates the same consequences. Derek Bernard, The folly of gun registration.

“There is little evidence that a registration system would be instrumental either in solving serious crimes involving firearms or in preventing them.” NZ Police Operations Support Group 1996 P.8.

“I would therefore recommend that Firearms Registration be forthwith abolished, and together with the Firearms Consultative Committee a far reaching, effective and proper system of education be introduced as a pre-requisite to the obtaining of a shooter’s licence.” Report on the Firearms Registration System in Victoria (Australia) by Chief Inspector A. Newgreen (Registrar of Firearms) P.8, para 28.

“While registration will not aid the tracing of stolen or illegal guns as those in possession, e.g. criminals/gangs, will remove the identification. It will create a black market for stolen and unregistered firearms thus placing far greater numbers of untraceable guns into the hands of criminals.” Mr Michael Reeves, Chairman, New Zealand Council of Licensed Firearm Owners. (Incoming, Oct 1998 P.9)

“Three things are necessary for a firearms registration system to be effective.

  •  All guns must be registered
  •  Criminals must use registered guns
  •  Registration must be kept in order and up to date

None of these three criteria appear to be the case in Australia, or elsewhere.” Ted Drane, past National President of the SSAA, 1994

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