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Why Join Shooters Union

Want a fair go for responsible firearm owners/users?

If you are disturbed by the misinformation, misrepresentations and untruths spread by the anti-gun lobby and reported by the media, then we urge you to become a member of Shooters Union.

There’s never been a more important time for you to join the Shooters Union.

We are actively fighting to put an end to the widespread discrimination against responsible firearm owners and to improve firearm laws and regulations. Our team of committed members and volunteers work tirelessly to inform and educate local politicians and the general public on the “realities” of firearm ownership. We also provide encouragement and support for those politicians and media personalities who understand and support our cause.

By becoming a Shooters Union member not only will you demonstrate your commitment to the fairer treatment of firearms enthusiasts, but you will strengthen our lobbying power and qualify for a number of exclusive benefits.

Shooters Union Member Benefits