The last few minutes of your class should always be a ‘news feed’ – a time where you inform your members of what is happening around the club.

From your member’s point of view this is a time they can find out about what upcoming events they might like to attend, or what new products they might like to buy.

From a business point of view, if this last couple of minutes of each class is done well, it can easily increase your overall revenue by 25% each and every year!


We have in the past had some problems with instructors thinking that selling at the end of class isn’t what their students want… but this can’t be true. Students spend their free time doing this recreational activity, and many of them are hungry for more! You need to cater for many different interest levels in your clubs – yes, some people will not want to buy a t-shirt or attend your end of year BBQ, but for other students this is what they really want. You are not being fair to those who value these things if you don’t mention it each and every class.

Another problem is that sometimes instructors feel as though they are repeating themselves. Yes, you are… but your students don’t train each and every night (those that do won’t care), so it is ESSENTIAL you do this after EVERY class.



  • You need to end the class on a high, and then have your class do a stretch down.
  • Use the stretching time as your time to deliver the news feed. Ideally you will have an assistant or higher ranked student showing how to do the stretches while the class follows along.
  • Gold standard is to then hand out a paper flyer with the details of the upcoming event, or preorder form for the product.



We understand that for the very last class of the night this is not suitable… so we recommend you place this procedure just after the warm-up for the last class of the night ONLY.