Personal Safety – Home Safety

Action steps for Home safety

Overview – making the kids aware of dangers whilst at home and online

Our areas of concern

  • Home security
  • Internet safety

Things to consider: home security

  • What should we not do when home alone?
  • Never open the front door, or answer the phone
  • What should we never give out?
  • We must always protect our personal details

Things to consider: internet safety

  • Who should we talk to prior to using the internet?
  • Always get permission from your parents to use the web and most importantly gain permission for what sites you wish to go on
  • What if something makes me feel uncomfortable?
  • If you have any doubts or feel uncomfortable get it approved, also speak when you find something uncomfortable
  • What should I do regards people I meet online?
  • Protect your personal details, no photos etc. and absolutely no meeting

What can I do if I am being bullied online?

  • Don’t respond to the message or image
  • Save the evidence as a screen shot
  • Block the sender and delete the message
  • Report the situation to parents, website or Internet service provider
  • Talk to trusted friends, parents or good strangers

Teaching methods

  • Question and answer